Life at Home

While soldiers were away fighting in France and Belgium, their families waited at home for news. It is hard to imagine how hard it must have been to wait for letters with good news, and how much families must have feared a telegram with bad news.

Listen to a young soldier’s letter home in our video below, or scroll down to read more about women’s lives, or to watch our video explaining why women gave out white feathers to men who were not in uniform.

Family life changed a lot during WWI, not only because sons, brothers and fathers went off to fight. Women also got involved in the war effort – sometimes by choice, and sometimes because they had no choice.


Read Elsie’s scrapbook to find out more.

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Tilly's Promise

When we think of the First World War, we think of trenches and soldiers, guns and shells and gas attacks. But the War affected everyone in Britain, including those at home.

Women got involved in war work, families struggled to make ends meet as they waited for news and even children and people with learning difficulties or health problems could end up in the army, or be attacked because they weren’t.

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In Tilly’s Promise, Tilly volunteers to work as a nurse and ends up going to France. Watch our video to find out more about the medical care available to soldiers in World War One, or scroll down to find out about Edith Cavell, a famous nurse who lost her life in World War One.

Tilly’s brother Georgie has learning difficulties and does not really understand what it means to be a soldier and fight in a war. But the army sees a big, strong lad and lets Georgie join up anyway.

Watch our video to find out what inspired Linda to write about Georgie.

Listen to author Linda Newbery reading the first chapter from Tillys Promise

It was quite rare for people in Britain to speak out against World War One. People had very strong feelings about the war and some women gave white feathers to men who were not in uniform. Watch our video to hear Linda explain why.



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Nurses and Medical Care

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